Sovereign Minutemen Collective Group Assembly Of America

What is the SMCGAoA?

American Minutemen volunteers, who comprehend the facts regarding the status of Americans, formed into units, and who are willing to Lawfully and Rightfully support and defend their fellow man's Natural and Lawful Rights from injustices and attempted encroachments thereon, upon request, or when such encroachment is clearly evident, from any entity who may attempt to limit or outright deny their Natural or Lawful Rights, or attempt to commit any unlawful act upon Americans, and who will also muster to provide for the "Common Defense" in the event of any "invasions" or such stated encroachment(s), by any entity, whether they be domestic or foreign in origin.
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Nearly everyone knows that there are things occurring in America, and around the world, that are unlawful and blatantly against the people and without regard for their well-being.

There are countless instances of supposed "public officials" and their supposed "laws/statutes/codes/etc." being ignored BY them, while they state that YOU must comply, or they will use force upon you to make you comply and/or pay a penalty to them. Far too many times is a life taken by those supposedly "sworn to protect" without cause or criminal action, in the name of "a job" and with zero accountability for their acts.

"How can this be?" is the question most often pondered.

In fact, not all is as taught in "public education", which is actually an institutionalized arena for mass propaganda. People, especially Americans, are never told the truths of history, or "educated" to know about "laws". The reason is because if they were, they would not stand for the tyranny and abuse that is committed upon them.

Are you an American, or are you claiming erroneously to be a "citizen" or other subject of another entity? Were you aware, or even taught, that there is quite a substantial difference?

Based upon facts, learn the difference and much more, in the Learning Center, and begin to comprehend why the supposed "laws/statutes/codes/etc." are not adhered to. Then begin to act upon your standing, against the criminals perpetrating their unlawful acts upon you.