Only those who are acting Americans are eligible for enlistment into the ranks of the Assembly (As opposed to an "agent/employee", "citizen", "national" or other such subject of a foreign entity).

The Assembly is comprised of an all-volunteer force. Men and women alike are welcome to serve in the Assembly, as there are positions for all with a desire to aid and defend their fellow Americans.

While all Minutemen are trained to serve as Infantry, other
typical Occupational Specialties of Assembly Minutemen are:

  • Administration
  • Mess
  • Medical
  • Quartermaster
  • Maintenance
  • Engineer
  • NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical)

All prospective Minutemen must undergo a "screening" process to assess their eligibility and capacity to serve in the Assembly.

All prospective Minutemen must undergo and pass a basic training course. For those with disabilities that would not otherwise impair their ability to move about in a "non-combat" field environment, there are positions where they can serve as well alongside their fellow Americans, and may be eligible for waivers to certain portions of basic training. Those who have prior military training and experience will need only to demonstrate their retention of such prior training.

Upon successful completion of basic training, a position will be assigned which utilizes any particular skillsets an individual may possess. Depending upon one's skillsets and assignment, additional advanced training course(s) may be required. In most cases they will receive "on the job" training from their assigned unit for their position.

To express a desire to enlist with the SMCGAoA, fill out and submit the form below.

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