SMCGAoA Mission

It shall be the primary mission of the Assembly to:

  1. Restore and Maintain America as, and assist Americans in their defense of, the people being self-governing, masters of their affairs, superior to ANY entity that would claim otherwise without the prior consent of the individual;

  2. Uphold Americans’ Rights according to Natural Law, and assist in their defense of those Rights from unlawful force;

  3. Defend Americans from threat of harm or damages from ANY forces or entities, from ANY source whether it be domestic or foreign;

  4. Assist militia, military, paramilitary or other such organizations, or non-military assistance organizations, in missions that are consistent with the missions of the SMCGAoA and the welfare of Americans, in defensive or aid operations;

  5. And further, it shall be the individual duty of every Minuteman to:

  6. Maintain a constant state of readiness at Leave and Muster alike;

  7. Execute the Regulations of the Assembly and the Orders of his Commanders;

  8. Execute Assembly Missions as may be hereafter designated by Council.